About Us


Asiatic Bee Farm

Established in 2020, Asiatic Bee Farm is formed under a family of like-minded bee industry professional and experts to achieve a social, environment and economical need for a healthy and authentic honey, which we call it “Kelulut Honey” that harvests from our indigenous stingless bee species.

We identify dedicately on our sources of honey from natural and unpolluted environment nationwide including the states of Sabah & Sarawak (Borneo Island).

 We cooperate with our local farmers in rural community, NGO, experienced bee-keepers and researchers to identify most suitable and productive habitat for stingless bee keeping where there are abundant and unpolluted food sources for the bees. We also adopt and implement best practices of beekeeping, harvesting, transporting and packaging with our Standard Operating Practices (SOP) to ensure highest quality and hygiene of our Asiatic Stingless Bee Honey.

Our mission

To bring you the highest quality of superfoods from the hive while promoting sustainable ecosystem of beekeeping through implementation of the best practice meliponiculture

  • Environmental - Drive scalable pollination and conservation to promote essential and sustainable ecosystem.
  • Social – Improve skills, monthly income and livelihoods of farmers and their communities.
  • Governance - Highest Compliance of Codex, MS codes, MyGAP, HACCP, Halal & Autentik.
  • Philanthropic – 1:1:1 model through the 1% pledge initiative.

Our brands